Отдых в Карпатах откроет вам зеленую сказку горных вершин.



Scuba diving and Odessa  Underwater Museum

Museum is created by a group of  State Emergency  Service divers , located near the Lanzheron Beach at the depth of 6 up to 10 meters.

 In exposition — sculptures of politics of the past,  navy artifacts: anchors of  different systems and age, cannonballs from the time of the Crimean War and  landing obstacles from the time of the Great World War II.  The displays are located among picturesque reefs.

     Short training course and practical diving underwater with the use of 1 air tank – for NOVICE- 550 UAH per person ( price include: equipment, training, diving underwater  for an hour with the visit  to Underwater Museum)

Optional :

1)     Visit of the Underwater Museum with a guide-instructor – 180 UAH/person

2)     Night underwater diving  with special devices– 180 UAH per person

3)    tanks filled with airat 225 atm: 1 liter – 4 UAH

4)    Renting of additional equipment :

 *air tank – 55 UAH

 *weight belt – 55 UAH

 *wet suit– 55 UAH

 *tug – 144 UAH

regulator – 110 UAH

Buoyancy compensator  – 96 UAH

AGA  full-facemask   - 144 UAH

 Equipment for underwater  shooting – 144 UAH