Отдых в Карпатах откроет вам зеленую сказку горных вершин.

Museums of Odessa

Odessa is proud of the rich history and the remarkable people who were born and lived in it at various times: talented writers, musicians, actors etc. In order to learn the city of Odessa better, to feel its multinational colour, you are invited to visit our city museums:
  • Literary and memorial museum of A.S. Pushkin which is created in one of the first hotels of the young city of Odessa - "Hotel du Nord" where there were rooms for visitors, carriage sheds with stables. Upon arriving in Odessa on July 3, 1823, Pushkin stayed in this hotel and lived here for a month.
  • Odessa Art museum. The collection of this museum is one of the most considerable and many-sided in Ukraine. It includes all types of the fine art: painting, graphics, sculpture, arts and crafts, it also includes the works of Russian and the Ukrainian masters of iconography from the XVI century to the present, numbering more than 10 thousand original works.
  • The Odessa House museum named after N.K.Roerich was opened for visitors in March, 2000. It is the only museum named after Roerich in Ukraine and the fifth one in the world.
  • The Odessa literature museum is one of the largest literature museums in the world. It was founded in 1977. It was opened in 1984. It combines the museum of the history of the book, partly the memorial museum where personal belongings of writers are presented, at the same time - a museum of the history of literature and the culture of the city. Here you can know about more than three hundred writers, whose destinies and work were connected with Odessa
  • The Odessa museum of the western and eastern art is one of the best museums of such a kind in Ukraine. It is founded in 1923 from the private collections collected by the local Committee of protection of monuments of art of old times, and also the items from the city museum of fine art.
  • The first All-Ukrainian museum of the Jewish culture of Mendel Moykher-Sforima was opened in Odessa in 1927. Our museum happened to be neither a palace and nor a science temple, but the apartment where all inhabitants are pleased to live together . And our guests feel good, too.
  • The Archaeological museum Now in the museum there are more than 160 thousand exhibits, which tell us about the development of Northern Black Sea Coast, Ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece. The majority of rarities were found during archeological excavations in the territory of Odessa region. These are objects of utensils, figurines, weapon, coins and jewelry.
  • Odessa local history museum is located in a mansion constructed in 1876. It’s considered to be a monument of architecture.
  • Museum of the Odessa Seaport named in the honour to F. De-Volan. It is the only museum in Ukraine which displays a unique history of leading port of the country.
  • Shustov Cognac Museum. Welcome to N.L. Shustov Cognac Museum, opened to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Shustovs’ factory!
  • Museum of Cossackdom  Museum of Ukrainian Cossacks is on situated in a renovated 19th-century building, Address st. 9, the Chernomorskiy Cossacks, Odessa. The museum has collected more than one thousand exhibits.