Kiev Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky Uman Odessa Vinnitsa Zhytomyr Kiev

!!! No Night Journeys !!!

8days/7 nights

1st day:

Kiev.Meeting with guide.
Bus tour ''Kiev the Capital of Ukraine''.MaidanNezalezhnosti [Independence Square], Zolotie Vorota [Golden Gate], SofiyevskySobor [St.Sophia's Cathedral] of the XI century [visual inspection],BoghdanKhmelnytsky Square, Knyazhy Dvor [Princely Courtyard].
Lunch [additional cost].
Excursion to the architectural and historic monument of the national reserveand active monastery of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra of Holy Dominion.Visiting thenearest caves.
Accomodation at the hotel.
Walking tour ''Andryevsky Spusk'' [''Andrew's Descent''], A monument tothe heroes of the russian movie''Chasing two hares'', foundation of DecyatinnayaChurch. An optional visit to the museum''One Street'' and the ''Museum ofBulgakov'' is possible. Introduction to the street fair of folk art.
Free time.Overnight.

2nd day:

Excursion to the original open-air museum in Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky. Visitto the art's factory, which offers unique woven and embroidered things liketraditional ukrainian and stylist modern men's,women's and children'sclothing, towels, tableclothes, bed linen-subject to custom orders andimprovements for your figure on the spot.
Lunch in the village Kovalin in the estate of rural green tourism-acomfortable home with all the amenitics,garden. A traditional Ukrainian cuisinewith elements of Polesie's customs,soup with kanapki and fat, bakedpotatoes, kruchenyky, dumplings, deruni[potato pancakes], pancakes according toyour choice,seasonal vegetables,fish,meat to choose from, pies, fruitliquors, ''zubrovka'', home brew.
A visit to the Museum of Rushnik, Kozak Church, Museum of School, TownCouncil, The Prist's House, The Museum of Transport, The Museum of Bread and TheMuseum of Space.
Evening departure of the group from Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky to Kiev.
Return to the hotel.Overnigt.

3rd day:

Breakfast. Check out.
Moving to Uman city.
12:00 Tour of the park Sofievka.
Arboretum Sofievka is in the cozy town of Uman,it is one of the mostbeautiful parks in Europe, founded by leading architects of Western Europe forthe rich Polish magnate count Potocky and his wife Sofia.
This scenic area is called a fairy-land.Everything is unusual, poetic andbeautiful. Here you will find the English park, which contains a rich collectionof plants from around the world, cascades of lakes and waterfalls.You will befascinated by the amazing scenery,numerous fountains,artificial grottoes andcaves,exquisite sculptures of ancient gods and goddesses,the underground rivertheLife and Death,exotic flora.
Free time.
15:30 Check out.Departure to Odessa.
18:30 Arrival to Odessa city. Accommodation at thehotel. Free time.Overnight.

4th day: 

Breakfast at the hotel.
9:00-12:00 Sightseeing bus and walking tour of the cityAh,Odessa....First drive through the city center, Arcadia, FransuskyBulvar [where you can find the film studio,a lot of lodges and resorts,abotanical garden and a factory of sparcling wines], Shevchenko Avenue, PushkinStreet, through the Customs Squareto the Sea port.While walking, you will see the elegant PrimorskyBulvar, Dumskaya Square with Governor House [Gorodskaya Duma in Russian] onit,our Opera Theatre and the most beautiful Cathedral, PhilarmonicHall, Vorontsov Palace,a monument to The Twelth Chair and Pacazh.You will walkin the City Garden and in famous Deribasovskaya Street.
13:00-14:00 Lunch.
14:00-18:00 Free time.Buying souvenirs.
We offer tours to choose from:
-walking tour Yards of Old Odessa[extra 300 grn per group];
-walking tourLiterary Odessa[extra 300 grn per group].
Optionally,you can visit the Archeological Museum,the Museum of LocalHistory,the Museum of Art,Pushkin Museum,the Museum of Western and OrientalArt,Literature Museum and the Wax Museum.
Opening time: from 10:00 to 17:00.
18:30-20:30 Viewing the play in the Theatre of Opera andBallet[according to the schedule].
20:30 Return to the hotel.Overnight.

5th day:

Breakfast in a hotel.Check out.
Excursions to choose:
1.Belgorod-Dnestrovsky andShabo.Mooving from Odessa to Belgorod-Dnestrovsky -1hour35min(85 km).
Ackerman-Dniestrovsky fortress is old as Athens,Damascus,Rome,Beirut andYerevan.This ancient city was built about 2500 years ago.Since then the citywas inhabited by various tribes and nations,and each of them named the city indifferent ways:Tyre,Ofiussa,Alba-Julia,Belgorod,Feker-Var,etc.More than twodozens of names of the city have come up to the present time,but all ofthem,anyway,translated into Russian as White Castle,which for many centurieswas standing on a rocky cliff.
In the afternoon we will go to the village of Shabo ,where we are goingto have a tour and wine tasting.Shabsky region has an ancient history ofwine-making.Grapes have been grown here from the XII century,and Shabo is apearl of Ukrainian wine production.During the excursion we'll visit thethree-tiered storage,Royal and Sherry cellars,also the process of wine bottlingwill be available to see.After a walk,we are waiting for tasting,which takesplace in room decorated in the style of socialist realism.Drinks are servedwith traditional snacks to taste,such as cheese,crackers,nuts.We will be offerednine Shabobrand wine names:Cabernetdry red,Sovinion dry white,ShaboBlan white semi-dry,Shabo Bordo,Royal Red semi-sweet red,RoyalWhitewhite semi-sweet,Bastardo red dessert wine,Ukrainian Cagor,reddessert wine of Royal Stories series,and semi-dry white seriesClassic.Onthe territory of winery a brand store is located,where you can buy wine andbrandy from the manufacturer.
2.Boating to KingburgskayaCosa.Kingburgskaya Cosa is a peninsula on the south of Ukraine.From the northit is boarded by the Dnieper estuary,and from the south-by the Black Sea.It's aunique natural complex of the Lower Dnieper sands with sago islands and a vastpine forest.
12:00 Tour to the natural reserve.
14:00 Picnic-lunch.Recreation and entertainment on the territory ofrecreation center,where you can find a swimming pool,billiard,cafes and bars.
19:00Departure of the group.
3.DanubeCoast(Dunayskoe vzmorye in Russian)-0km.Mooving from Odessa toVilkovo-3hours25min(207km).
Tour of the city:Sea port-St.Nicolas Orthodox Church-Inspection of theexterior of the Church of Nativity(Old Believers' Church)-Belgorod Channel.
An exciting story begins with a Monument of Old Believers.We go by busto the Old Believer Church of Nativity,learn the history of the Old Believersor,as they are called here,Lipovans.
Transfer to Belgorodsky Channel separating the city into two parts,newand old.In the old part of the town we walk around the localstreets.And..you'll be surprised to see the channels instead of the streets!Toget from one place to another you,of course,can use a boat or go on foot onspecial bridges.We follow our guide, while on the bridges,in order not to getlost,and then return to the bus.
Boat trip to the Danube Delta.
During a boat trip on the sleevs,or as they are called here,girliesKilia,Ochakovskoye and Ancundinova,we will listen to the stories aboutnature,take pictures and enjoy the beautiful scenery.We find ourselves in theheart of the Dalube Delta Biosphere Reserve.
Arrival to the island Poludenny where we can find a symbol of origin ofDanube-the monument0km.Here you will have an opportunity to walk along a wilddeserted coastline,see the local birds,take pictures and,of course,to make awish,passing by the0.
Arrival at the island tourist campingZeleny Kut.The newprojectMonastic Podvorye will tell you the history of the island's St.Peterand Paul male monastery of Old Believer(1857-1947).Restored memory-the OldBeliever Chapel was buit and lit by the leaders of the Orthodox Old Believer Churchin 2012.
Picnic on the island.Recreation.
Fresh air and bright impressions from the nature will definitely giveyou a good appetite!We'll be treated with a delicious fish soup(ukha inRussian),prepared according to lipovans' traditions:a whole bowl of fish withsoup,sause salamur,wineNovak and unique herbal tea from samovars.After ameal we can go for a walk around the island,go swimming(but very cautiously,dueto the rapid water current),or just have a suntan.

4.Lower Dniester NationalPark.Moving from Odessa to Mayaki-45min(44km).
You can be offered four ecological routs in Lower Dniester NationalPark:The Kingdom of Birds,The Dniester Amazonia,Old Turunchuk and GlossyIbis,and one ecological trailGontarenko Island,which is located on the rightbank of Dniester,near Mayaki village.
The Kingdom of Birds.The route is about 20km long.The boat trip startsfrom Mayaki village, then you will sail along the main channel of the Dniesterriver and then Deep Turunchuk with the access to Dniestrovsky firth.During thetrip visitors will see pelicans,herons,large and small cormorants, marsh ternsas well as some rare plants,like driftwood and the largest Europian plantationof Potbelly yellow.
Tourist routeThe Dniester Amazonia.The length of the route fromBelyaevka town is 8km,from Mayaki 20km.This river route comes along theDniester,then Turunchuk and picturesque streamAmazonia through the flooded forest.
Tourist route Old Turunchuk runs from Mayaki village,along theDniester,with a visit to the ecological trail'Gontarenko Island,then OldTurunchuk(Belgorod-Dniestrovsky region).
Tourist routeThe Glitter Ibis' runs along the rivers Dniester andTurunchuk to the White Lake,which is situated in between two rivers,not farfrom Belyaevka town.This route includes six stops,what give us opportunity toobserve typical natural complexes of the Dniester river delta.Here you can getacquainted with the local flora and fauna and to know some interesting facts fromthe history of the region.
5.The Pearl ofBessarabia.Moving from Odessa to Staroselie village.
8:00 Departure from Odessa on the comfortable microbus;
11:00 Arrival to the center of ethnographic and green tourismcenterFrumushka-Nova;
12:00 Breakfast with a traditional Moldavian pies(placinda);
13:00 Sightseeing:
-visiting the open-air ethnographic museumBessarabian VillageFrumushka-Nova;
-visiting the memorialHill of Memory;
-a visit to the ethnographic exhibition at the museumBessarabia,XIX-XXcenturies;
-a visit to a wine cellar with a tasting of wines from local grapevarieties;
-visiting a minizoo.
16:00 Dinner(dishes with lamb,mutton and phesant,cooked according to thetraditiional Bessarabian recipes);
17:00 Free time;
18:00 Departure.
Departure to Vinnitsacity.Accomodation at the hotel.

 6th day:

9:00 Breakfast.
10:00 Sightseeing and walking tour of the city[Duration 4 hrs].
Vinnitsa is a city on the banks of the Southern Bug,the administrativecenter of Vinnitsky region.The city is rich in history andarchitecture,fascinated by its beautiful green parks and gardens.In Vinnitsathere are numerous memorials and architectural monuments.The Regional Museumcontains materials about the history of the city and the region.Art Museum ofthe city pleases the visitors with new exhibitions of works by artists.
Objects of inspection.Svyato-Preobrazhensky Cathedral is a nationalmonument of architecture.The building is located in the historical center ofthe city,inside the complex of medieval fortification walls,which consisted ofthe monasteries of the Dominicans and Capuchins.The main temple of Vinnitsabuilt in 1758 was designed by Paolo Fontana.St.Nicolas Church of 1764,the belltower of the XIX century.Arranged as an angular.This church is considered asone of the finest examples of Podolsk folk architecture.The most interesting ofit's features is a square gallery around the perimeter of the church andunusual bell tower which looks more like a fortification.
National Museum Estate of Nicolai Pirogov.It was opened almost 60 yearsago in Vishnya{Cherry} Estate.
Pirogov Museum Estate consists of the scientist's house,hispharmacy,garden and park area of 16 acres,the family church,where for 125 yearsthe embalmed body of Pirogov has been rested.During 60 years of it's existencePirogov Memorial gained worldwide fame.More than 7 million visitors from 169countries got acquainted with it.
Hitler's headquarters Werwolf.The story of Hitler's rates Werwolf isdeeply wrapped with secrets and years of oblivion,held together by rivers ofhuman blood and local superstitions.
Museum of Kotsyubinsky.The museum's exposition is arranged inchronological order and placed in five rooms of the memorial house.A variety ofmaterials consistently reveal the life and career of the writer and his publicactivity.
14:00 Lunch[additional cost].
Free time.Buying souveniers.
20:00-21:30 Light and music fountain show.
22:00 Departure from Vinnitsa to Zhytomyr.
Arrival at Zhytomyr.
Accommodation at the hotel.Overnight.

7th day:

8:00-9:00 Breakfast.Check out.
9:00-12:00 A sightseeing tour with a visit to Zhytomyr Museum ofCosmonautics.
12:00-13:00 Lunch[additional cost].
13:00-14:30 Moving to the castle Radomisl.
14:30-16:00 Tour of the castle.
18:00 return to Zhytomyr.
Arrival at Kiev.Accomodation at the hotel.

8th day:

8:00-9:00 Breakfast.Check out.Departure of the group.

-2*,-3*hotel accomodation,breakfasts;
-transport service according to the program;
-excursions according to the program;
-a company representative;
-group insurance;
-entrance fees;
-optional excursions;
-public transport fare;
-personal expenses(lunches,dinners,souvenirs).
-additional cost for a single room-hrn/tour-standart prices;
-those who travel alone can be accommodated ina triple room;
-the number of people should be at least 10 foran optional program;
-the company reserves the right to change thenumber,order and time of excursions or to replace them with equivalent orhigher class;
-a tourist is responsible financially fordamaging the hotel or bus's property;
-bus service is not provided during the freetime.