Отдых в Карпатах откроет вам зеленую сказку горных вершин.

Flights over the city

Travel company “MARKOM” offers  


For fans of extreme and those who have been always dreaming to learn how to fly we offer  to experience unparalleled freedom of the skies and admire a bird’s-eye view of Odessa.

Our  professional pilots and best aircrafts will assist  you toflyupintheskyandseethe sights of our city 


At your disposal there are the following aircrafts:

Yak 18-Т (2 aircrafts) – 3 passengers , price for the flight  -1840 UAH – 20 minutes


RV-10 (2 aircrafts) – 3 passengers, price for the flight – 1840 UAH– 20 minutes

Aeroprakt – 1 passenger, price – 1150 UAH – 20 minutes

К-10 swift – 1  – 1150 UAH – 20 minutes

 2.png  3.png 

Yak-52 – 1 passenger – 800 UAH – 10 minutes

You have an opportunity to take the controls for yourself, having a flight with an instructor on Aeroprakt and K-10. Minimum duration of the flight - 20 minutes.

 Physical healthy thrill-seekers can experience a flight with aerobatic maneuvers.

Durationoftheflight – notmorethan 10 minutes because of the overload.

At the same time 15 people can have a flight.