Отдых в Карпатах откроет вам зеленую сказку горных вершин.



Duration: 5 hours 
Cost: group of 16+1 persons - 115,00 UAH 
Notes: Excursions across Odessa

During excursion you will examine the religious past and the present of the city. You will visit the Uspensky monastery where the Theological seminary in which about 700 seminarists are now trained is located. Visit the church revived in 1998 of Sacred Maria Magdalina, the Greek and Armenian churches. During excursion you will be told about the birth, destruction and revival of numerous Odessa temples, stories of the Odessa shrines, about creativity of modern icon painters and many other. Certainly, Odessa is the city of great orthodox shrines. In orthodox temples and monasteries there are wonder-working icons shine, sacred relics of the God's flatterers glorified by Church exhale healing. During excursion you also can visit temples of other religious concessions which always found understanding in our city - after all Odessa initially was the city international. In Odessa there are both a synagogue, and Catholic temples, and even recently was built center of Muslim culture with a mosque. After all it is important for you to strengthen spirituality. Odessa was the center of the pilgrimage conducting to shrines of Palestine, Rome, Constantinople, Sinai, Athos for a long time.During excursion you will visit the Uspensky monastery based in 1824. Numerous pilgrims arrive to a monastery from all directions of our earth.

People come to a monastery to clear soul of the sinful are nasty in Sacrament of the Repentance. There is a Sacred Uspensky man's monastery. Each person visiting a monastery, starts realizing correctly the communication with the pious past, in a new way defines the contents and purpose of the life, finds meaning of the life of human on the earth. Here the Theological seminary where about 700 seminarists are now trained is located also. You can visit the church revived in 1998 of Sacred Maria Magdalina. Sacred Equal to the apostles Maria Magdalina was cured by the Savior of evil ghosts, and then accompanied the Christ during all his terrestrial life. You will visit Sacred Ilyinskom man's monastery, which is one of the most favourite temples and prayerful places of believing inhabitants of Odessa. The temple for the sake of the Mother of God is built in the Athos Ilyinsky farmstead, on Pushkinskaya Street, on the Highest favor of emperor Alexander III. It was based in 1884 as a farmstead of the Russian Athos Ilyinsky Monastery for the help to the pilgrims going through Odessa to the Holy Land and to Athos. Here they were accepted, sheltered , placed for the night, helped to receive the international passport, promoted in acquisition of tickets for the steamship and sent to Holy sites.