Отдых в Карпатах откроет вам зеленую сказку горных вершин.

Literary Odessa

Duration: 2 hours Cost: by the group of 16 people +1 is 85 UAH 
Notes: excursions in Odessa

A surprising opportunity to make a travel in time and space across Odessa of Pushkin and Matskevich, Bunin and Kuprin, Inber and Akhmatova, Bagritsky and Kirsanov, to walk together with the picturesque heroes of Babel and Olesha, Sholem Aleichem and Zhabotinsky, Ilf and Petrov, Katayev and Paustovsky, Mikhail Zhvanetsky. They imprinted on pages of their works bright instants of history of the city, its labor, cultural, literary life, traditions, customs, all that forms "local color". The myth about Odessa was created, first of all, by literature. And it is not up to the names only, and more likely in pressing grief and a subtle humour, in dwell on your pain as on the neighbour's one, of the person of another nation and belief, but same as you, the inhabitant of Odessa.

Disgraced Mickiewicz and Pushkin created in Odessa. Odessa sheltered the Bulgarian fighters against the Ottoman yoke. In 1878 the Bulgarian writer Ivan Vazov lived here. In Odessa his first stories are written, the novel "Under a Yoke" is begun . With Odessa are connected N. Gogol, A.Ostrovsky, V. Korolenko, I.Bunin, A.Kuprin, M. Twain, Sholem Aleichem, Vladimir Sosyura, Lesya Ukrainka, Nikolay Korneychuk, Lev Slavin's names and many other writers and poets.

During the excursion you'll visit places connected with life and creativity of many of these writers, you will pass on the halls of the literary museum where documents, books, manuscripts and other relics relating by the time of their stay in Odessa are stored.

By the way, in the museum court yard every year the new monument devoted to unique Odessa characters, known according to stories, jokes and songs "for Odessa" - to Rabinovich, the Fisherwoman Sonia, Odessa Mother, inhabitant of Odessa Mischa, jeans Duke, etc. on April 1 open. Then you'll visit A.S. Pushkin's museum apartment. In the thirteen Odessa months of the Pushkin's exile he created "Tsygany" poem, the poem "Bakhchsarai Fountain" is finished, thirty lyrics and two and a half chapters of the novel "Eugene Onegin" are written. Having described Odessa in the chapter called "Onegin's Travel", Pushkin, according to the poet Tumansky, presented to the city "the diploma on immortality".

You will see the historical downtown, prestigious French Boulevard, the resort Big Fountain and the legendary Moldavanka district. You will get acquainted with the chosen pages from the richest literary history of the city imprinted in works of outstanding masters of the word.

Excursion comes to the end with the Literary museum visit.

  • The cost of entrance tickets is paid separately:
  • to the museum is 40 UAH,
  • to the Garden of sculptures is 30 UAH.