Отдых в Карпатах откроет вам зеленую сказку горных вершин.

Vorontsovsky lighthouse

Duration: 1,5 hours 
Cost: group of 16+1persons - 115,00 UAH 
Notes: Excursions across Odessa

The Vorontsovsky beacon meets the vessels coming into our port the first.

Beacon which for tens years, by right, turned into the card of our city. In the history of the Odessa port whole "dynasty" of beacons is traced. They replaced each other, being reconstructed in process of development of our port.

The very first beacon of Odessa was put at the time of major general F. A.Kobl at the beginning of the 19th century on the cape of the Big Fountain. The Vorontsovsky beacon appeared later.

It is the forward conductor to the water area of Odessa Bay.

We opened unique opportunity to touch a legend of our city, a place which is familiar to all from movies and cards, to learn a lot of new "for Odessa and its inhabitants".